…and thank you for your interest in our vacation rental homes. Our property is situated in the community of Huletts Landing, located on the eastern shore of Lake George in upstate New York. These houses have been in our family for generations and many a summer has been spent enjoying the Adirondack scenery while boating on one of the world’s most beautiful lakes! In fact, much of the Western shore (particularly in the Huletts area) is protected as part of the Adirondack Wilderness Park and remains completely undeveloped, as such. Its rolling mountain shores and the crystal clarity of its waters are known throughout the world.

We have 3 cottages situated on adjacent properties, and they are available for weekly or bi-weekly rentals during the months of June to October. They vary in size and can accommodate from 4 to 6 people, with modest space for occasional guests. If scheduling permits, some families have rented two or more houses for larger family gatherings.

All the houses have lake frontage and docking for at least one boat per household, and shallow water swimming is possible for all guests. The area offers a variety of recreational activities within a mile or two of the houses, including public tennis and golf (9 holes), public beach, Post Office, convenient store, gas and launching for power boats, and a local Ranger station if you are interested in island camping. There are many islands in the area which offer public camping; however, these sites are highly prized and frequently book up to a year in advance.

Feel free to browse through our houses and contact us if you are interested in learning more about them.